What is the Kids' Directory?
The Kids' Directory Charlotte is a Full Color monthly Family Resource Guide. The philosophy of Kids’ Directory is simple: fast answers for busy parents and advertising results for our clients. Why this approach? Simple! Life is busy and parents want their information quickly! Advertisers want their messages to be effective! The Kids’ Directory blends these two ideals together to provide a cost-effective, highly targeted option for today’s advertiser.
Why advertise in the Kids' Directory?
Most Importantly: Your Ad Gets Noticed!
When parents and grandparents pick up the Kids' Directory, they are reading about your business!  They are not reading an article on the same page, and leaving us to hope that they notice your ad!  Our readers won't get lost looking for your advertisement. Because we are A SHOPPING, PRODUCT AND RESOURCE GUIDE, not an article-based entertainment publication or craft-project newspaper, your product, event or service is the focus of their attention while reading the Kids' Directory!
Shop and compare:  the Charlotte Kids' Directory provides the most comprehensive mix of mediums to promote your business in the Charlotte Metro Area! Our monthly guide is picked up by people who choose it, keep it and USE it every single month!
Color Sells!
All ads in the Kids' Directory Charlotte are in Full Color at no extra charge. Independent research confirms it. Color increases reader attention span by up to 82%. Decision making improves by 70%. Reader retention increases by 78%. Get readers' attention and get your message out!
Quality Counts
The Kids' Directory Charlotte provides attention-grabbing Color ads printed on magazine-quality, glossy paper - Not Newsprint! Our experienced graphics designers can create an ad for you that will attract new customers.
High Ad Visibility
We are advertisement driven: your ad will not compete with articles for attention, and our readers are interested in learning about what you have to offer. Moms and Dads love it because it's easy to find, designed to be a quick read and it's always FREE!!!
The Kids Directory has proven itself as the premier family resource guide since 2008, an established track record you can depend on. The Kids' Directory Charlotte is locally-owned and locally-published, providing quality service from ad concept to print and beyond. We want to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you - your success is our success!
Sized to keep!
The convenient digest size of our publication encourages the customer to slip it in their purse or bag, take it home, and keep it to use over and over.
Free Internet Listing
Your print ad is displayed free on our web site with links to YOUR website!
Affordable Pricing
The Kids' Directory Charlotte is priced to fit every advertising budget. We'll help you find the advertising plan that's right for your business. For less than you would pay for black and white advertising, you'll be reaching your exact market in Full Color.
Distribution. . . It All Starts Here
It’s the distribution that counts! We put your business in front of Charlotte area families by placing our Kids' Directories strategically, where parents will find and read them. To verify accuracy of distribution, we personally distribute the directories each month to OVER 1,200 locations that target your active buyers month after month. We publish over 180,000 copies annually. Click here for our distribution locations.
Hassle-Free! We are here to help!
Our professional graphic artist will design a custom ad for you to meet your needs for a nominal fee.  We offer incredible quality print prodution, with professional artwork. Do you offer a seasonal product or service? Need to update your ad for a special event or sales promotion? No problem, you can update the content and look of your ad for only $10-$30.
Who Reads the Kids Directory?
Our readers are Active & Educated Parents of Growing Families.  The majority of readers of regional family magazines are college-educated women age 30-40, with buying power for themselves and their families.
  • 89% are female.
  • 69% are between the ages of 25 and 44.
  • 55% are college graduates or post-graduates; add'l 24% have some college
  • 46% have children age 10 and up.
  • 44% have children between ages 5 and 9 years old.
  • 41% have children under 5 years of age.
  • 34% use child care.
  • 77% are the primary shoppers for their children.
  • 74% are the primary shoppers for their home.
  • 43% are employed outside of the home.
  • 27% subscribe to the daily or weekly newspaper.

National Reader Profile Survey by Readex Research for Parenting Publications of America, Media Audit Release.

Here are some Advertising Tips to Remember…
  1. Advertising is Essential to Survival and Growth
    People do not know about you until you get the word out!
  2. People Skim
    Make sure your ad is attractive and bright. People remember bright, attractive and cute pictures, as well as catchy logos.
  3. Markets Change
    Your market is constantly growing and changing as people move in and out of communities, gain wealth, and increase their family size. When you stop advertising you miss new opportunities.
  4. People Forget Fast
    We are all buried under mass media, messages, paperwork, and emails. You have to keep your name in front of people or they will forget you.
  5. Continued Advertising Strengthens Your Identity
    Consistent advertising gets you REPEAT BUSINESS and REFERRALS.
  6. With so much competition out there, even happy customers stray.
    Seeing your name and logo over and over again reminds people of the good experiences they have had with you. You want them to remember you when someone asks them, "Hey, do you know a good....."
In business you HAVE to advertise.

Let the Kids' Directory Charlotte get you the
most impact for your advertising dollar.

For rates, call (980) 217-4043

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The Kids Directory surpasses all other print advertisers in Charlotte for families. We love the high quality full-color glossy pages and see their magazines everywhere. Our ads look amazing! I highly recommend working with Kathy Miller who makes the advertising process simple, fast, and extremely cost competitive!

Brian McPherson

Hello my name is Elizabeth I'm a mother of one beautiful lil girl!!! So proud!! I came across this in my doctors office. This is a GREAT BLESSING!!! On saving money.. As well as ideas to do with your kids.. Other than just always playing!!! All mothers should know ABOUT THE KIDS' DIRECTORY!!! It's great! 

Liz-Beth ~ Parent

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille"As a new advertiser in the Kids Directory, what comes to mind first is 100% SATISFIED! We are now getting close to 100 kids per week, which in turn is close to 50 new families. The best part is they are becoming regulars and our sales have seen a direct increase from our ad in the Kids' Directory. There is no doubt in my mind we made the right choice to advertise with the Kids Directory!"

100% Satisfied Customer
Norm Randall, Owner / Operator

The Little Gym

In 2011 we dropped all our print ads EXCEPT for the Kids' Directory. After seeing the publication fly off the shelf at our stores I knew this was the resource parents were truly using. We ran our Birthday ad in the directory for 6 months and we have already met our yearly goal only half way through the season! I know there are many combinations to marketing a successful business but the Kids' Directory, for us, will always be part of that equation.

Working with Kids Directory has been such a great experience. Many of our customers have found us through the publication because that is where all moms in the Charlotte area go to find out what great things are going on for kids and families. Thanks for helping make our new business so visible.

Zeal for Life Dance Company                    We love the Kids' Directory. Our business has grown tremendously in the short time we have been advertising in the KD. Our dancers and friends say they see the KD everywhere, and that means other parents are seeing us too!

Danielle Terrell, owner  www.zfldance.com

Atomz Lab
  Thanks for sending out facebook posts about Atomz Lab, I really appreciate it.  It is getting so busy and I get a lot of business from the Kids Directory.  Don't think I will ever stop advertising in the KD!   

Dawn Ballway ~ owner   www.atomzlab.com

Concord Children's Academy   Kathy, I would like to let you know how beneficial our advertising in Kids Directory has been for our start-up preschool.  As you know, I previously owned a large franchise based program and our advertising funds were run through the corporate office.  We spent a small fortune on advertising. 

Upon opening my new non-franchise based program, advertising funds were limited and we needed maximum bang for our buck.  It has been very interesting tracking our advertising results.  I was surprised to find more tours and inquiries as a result of our Kids Directory advertising. 

We will definitely continue our advertising with Kids Directory – the proven results make every penny well worth it!  Thank you for providing such a great publication. 

Kyshia Lineberger, Owner www.ConcordChildrensAcademy.com

Camp Celo   Thanks so much for your help getting this ad together in such a hurry. You and Mark made it very easy for us. Your cheerful help on the phone was so pleasant. 

Happy Sign Surprise Happy Sign Surprise

"The level of service I have received from Kids Directory has far exceeded my expectations.  You truly have an interest in marketing my business- above and beyond publishing a print advertisement.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to give my business more exposure!"

New Beginnings 3D/4D Ultrasound    "I see the Kids Directory lots of places. I have gotten many responses from my ad in your magazine and am looking forward to a continued relationship with your publication. Out of all of the print advertising I have done I have seen the most customers from the Kids' Directory.  So thank you again I do appreciate it and love working with you guys!"

Sam Maschi, Owner

"The Kids' Directory is an excellent resource for Charlotte families. New and exciting, family-focused products and services are being offered all the time. I know that I can always count on the Kids' Directory to keep me updated and informed. As a mother of two, I keep one with me at all times. It's an absolute necessity!"

Vanessa, Mom of 2 in Charlotte

About Town Tours - ComeSolveIt Mysteries
“Advertising in the Kids Directory was a very positive decision. In other publications you need to sift through the articles and other information in order to locate the ads.  In Kids Directory, the ads make up the publication.  It has in it what parents are looking for when trying to make decisions about needed services.  Kathy Miller was great to work with."

Della Freedman, Owner/Director

Charlotte Performing Arts Academy “Response to our ads in The Kids’ Directory has been great!  Working with Kathy is a pleasure and we hold The Kids’Directory in high esteem as a dependable source of information for parents seeking extracurricular activities for their children.  The Kids' Directory has proven to be a useful advertising tool in helping us expand our business."

Kisha Diamond-Cobb, Academy Director www.charlottepaa.com

“While I was pregnant with my 2nd child and visiting the doctor office monthly and then weekly, I looked forward to picking up the latest Kids' Directory.  This was always my go to place to entertain my 2 year old since I had no energy of my own to spend on her.  This became such a routine that even she knows how to navigate the magazine to find the ballet school she wants to attend when old enough, the bouncy she wants to rent for her birthday, and where to go to dinner where kids eat free.  We look forward to picking up your latest issue!!!!"

Dee Dee, Mom in Lake Wylie, SC